Newsletter #34 (March 16th, 2019)

March 16, 2019
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Hey Shitcoiners,

This week has been spicy beyond belief. We are not exaggerating when we say that it’s really been a treat.

To give you a run down. We had those dudes using RBF to steal over $200,000.

Justin Sun announced he is giving away $20m (and Teslas).

And that was just the start! In fact, things got way (and we mean way) spicier.

Calvin Ayre made headlines this week as he was spotted drinking and having fun with a group of questionably young women, sorry we mean the Cuban dance team.

Peter McCormack mentioned the harsh reality of the situation. Lock up your daughters.

Even McAfee chipped in with a little advice.

If you thought that was several scovilles, then wait till you watch the guest appearance head honcho Andreas made on the Bitcoin SV Youtube channel.

As any good bitcoiner should, he showed he was a profit seeker throughout by shilling Go Andreas!

The SV crowd tried their best to paint a picture of a PR disaster. We see it differently.

In fact, so much so, Andreas whipped up a video.

There was even an announcement of 0-conf Bitcoin SV transactions on SideShift!

Don’t worry guys, the super hot fire content doesn’t stop there. We have more for you.

Roger Ver appeared this week on the Youtube Channel to run through Jonald Fyookballs essay on Craig Wright. It’s worth a watch.

Kevin Pham meanwhile couldn’t help but dick on Roger as best he could. It seems Kevin is not a phan (see what we did there) of borrowing the best ideas in the space and making them even better.

At least Kevin likes to welcome everyone, regardless of race, gender, sexuality into his community. Go Kevin!

Another big story of the week was the tale of a few Peters. Peter McCormack made an offer to interview Peter Rizun, which is promptly rescinded due to pressure from LN shills, such as Peter Todd.

Thankfully Peter changed his mind.

The other Peter utilised the the fresh focus on LN and reached out to his audience.

In more media this week we got to watch a great interview from Matt Aaron of where he sat down with Lyn Ulbricht.

We also saw some updates from a couple of our favourite projects. Drivechain and Spankchain (un-related but both contain “chain” so we grouped then together obviously).

Now to finish off what has been one of our spiciest newsletters to date we thought we’d leave you with a little life advice, some tips on being a crypto-boi and a possible next career move if this crypto thing doesn’t work out.

To stay in the loop on all the things you need to know, follow Andreas on Twitter.

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Till next time, Shitcoiners!

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