#60 - Rusty Staples & Coffee Stains

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Hey there Shitcoiners,

We aren’t sure if this latest dump has got us feeling down or there’s something going around but the Shitcoin.com editorial team hasn’t been feeling too well this week.

You have nothing to worry about though, we still got you fam.

This week we have the the SEC on Initial Coin Offerings, Calvin chit-chat and why crypto and gambling are the same, you filthy animals.

But first, many of you asked Andreas why he took down the largest Lightning Network node, here’s why.

Speaking of anxiety, those institutional investors we keep hearing about may be suffering as their initial interest in Bakkt is pretty lacklustre.

Other big news this week involved in the SEC. The Securities and Exchange Commission made a couple of moves against ICOs, namely EOS and Siacoin.

EOS were first up.

But it turned out they only had to pay around 0.6% of the ICO raise.

Next was the Sia network. They faired a little differently, paying double the amount raised at ICO. However it’s important to keep in mind that the amount was still only $220,000. Also important information is that Nebulous, the company behind SIA just raised $3.5m in venture funding.

Does this mean there is little to worry about from the SEC? Will we enter ICO season 2.0? Let us know on Telegram!

Now to other spicy news. Calvin has been taking a look at Craig’s documents for his upcoming court battle against Peter McCormack. Something about rusty staples and coffee stains?

Here's what he said:

"not following it as am a bit busy, but they are putting the mountain of evidence together as I have seen some of the boxes of historical documents including old versions of the white paper in Craigs handwriting and printed and with his notes and coffee on them and rusty staples."

Twitter commentary below.

Peter responded.

Crypto Twitter (Andreas included) ceased the opportunity to jump on the staple claim.

Now to some literal shitposting from Charlie Shrem.

When he’s not talking about portable potties he touches on important news. Are the big guns about to pull their support of Libra?

Now we leave you with this. The way the current market is there’s only one challenge you should be participating in if you’re a trader.

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Till next time!

Team Shitcoin.com

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