Shitcoin Newsletter #99 - Hacks & Yachts 🛥

July 25, 2020
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Yo Shitcoiners,

Welcome to this week’s edition of the newsletter. As always sit back, relax and enjoy our favourite crypto content and memes of the last seven days. First up, is Tesla about to accept DOGE as payment?

One of the biggest bits news from last week was the Twitter hack. The details still remain unclear but here’s a rundown of how it went down.

Andreas tweeted as it happened.

It turns out those hackers were sending some of their newly acquired funds to BitPay and Coinbase. Was this a good move?

Twitter’s response was to restrict all posts containing cryptocurrency addresses. That’s one way of doing it!

In other hack news, Argentina’s largest telephone company had its own issue.

Meanwhile, it has come to light that very few American’s own Bitcoin. Even fewer actually use it for payments. Uh, oh.

But maxis don’t care! After all, they’re busy planning The Citadel.

Now to altcoin news! Are you even into crypto if you aren’t doing this?

We are intrigued by AVA, especially after they just raised a shitload of money. We hope they don’t go over the top with several levels of staking though. Time will tell.

Emin has avoided calling AVAX an Ethereum killer, however, with fees like this some would say it is ripe for the picking.

In exchange world, Binance have been bending the rules a little in Malaysia.

And our favourite physically delivered futures exchange is hitting new highs!

Meanwhile, Paolo got a parody account.

And to round this one off, we can only hope that you too can reach the levels of success that you too can pretend you own a yacht and a Ferrari.

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