Shitcoin Newsletter #97 - Patriotism, skepticism & Micon's wife yelling at him

July 7, 2020
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Hey Shitcoiners,

This week’s newsletter is full of patriotism, skepticism and Bryan Micon being told off by his wife. It’s a cracker.

First up, while the world discusses ye’s entry into the 2020 US presidential election, it was only fitting that crypto had an entry too (that wasn’t John McAfee).

The timing of these entries came around the 4th July when many celebrate American independence. For some though the only way to liberty is via Bitcoin.

One of the Winklevii didn’t quite understand how days work though.

On the topic of liberty, the Bitcoin community seems divided. Is Bitcoin for everyone?

Those in Argentina, where the smallest unit of their currency now equals one satoshi would argue it is. As one Redditor pointed out.

Brad whipped up this spicy music video which tells you he thinks it is too.

One man is taking his liberty way more literally than most. Andrew Lee has left city life behind and now lives on the farm. Those are some nice cattle you got there, Andrew!

Now to Craig Wright. Our favourite Faketoshi famously convinced former lead Bitcoin maintainer Gavin Andresen that he was Satoshi. In the Kleiman case, Gavin has now spoken out and thinks he could have been duped.

Daniel Krawisz has also been vocal about Craig lately. Here’s an interesting tweet for you.

Anyways, while all of this was going on Calvin was busy shilling seafood. What’s not to love?

Now to the Director of Autistic Communications at, Bryan Micon. He’s in the dog house for staying up late and yelling while playing video games.

Bruce Fenton shared news that a bug that created an extra 1.5% supply for hackers has been patched. Nice!

And Andreas has been busy making Tezos-related things.

Speaking of exchanges we hope CZ is ready to cough up that $186 (yes, one hundred and eighty six dollars) per day in fines if Binance offer derivatives trading in Brazil. Tough times.

There we have it for this week folks. Follow Andreas on Twitter and stay up to date with us @Shitcoindotcom too! You know you want to.

See you next time,

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