Shitcoin Newsletter #95 - A Curated List of Bitcoin Believers and the Barstool Sports Guy

June 22, 2020
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Hey Shitcoiners,

If we had to describe the newsletter in one sentence, we would say it’s the easiest way to sound like a crypto insider without spending hours sifting through total shit. This week we bring you some excellent memes, Craig Wright updates, crypto OG views and more. It’s a good one!

First up head on over to YouTube, Spotify or Apple Podcasts and catch the latest episode of The Show. We spoke with Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of cryptocurrency derivatives exchange FTX.

Now to the action. It appears our favourite faketoshi has been tangling himself up in a whole web of lies. Has he opened himself up for a murder case?

One of our favourite things in crypto is a good parody account. Here’s @SatoshiVoice, where you can hear some great soundbites from Craig.

And in a funny turn of events, Adam and Roger agree on something!

If all of that faketoshi talk is ruining your confidence in Bitcoin, here’s Jesse Powell to calm your nerves. In his eyes buying Bitcoin is the best hedge against inflation.

To another crypto legend. Arthur Hayes is an expert marketeer. Just take our money, Arthur!

Those shitcoins Arthur is referring to, well many of those are actually made by 13 year olds.

Who has been in this guy’s situation? It reminds us of that boating accident we had that time.

Next up we have the Barstool Sports guy speaking about Bitcoin. One of our favourite snippets word for word:

“It’s run by the Winklevoss twins, those two clowns from the Facebook. You don’t think they’re running the scam? Of course they’re running the scam.”

Tyler offered to help him out. Peter wanted to sit in.

Look how little he is!

Meanwhile Fluffy has been noting some interesting uses of the Monero brand. Sick lights!

… and showing what he’d like look if he had lady parts.

We hope you enjoyed the read. We leave you with this one Bog.

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See you next week,


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