Shitcoin Newsletter #94 - Tron, Ethereum and Tulips

June 15, 2020
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Hey Shitcoiners,

While crypto prices fluctuate the memes live on. This week’s newsletter has news and shenanigans from the past week that you won’t want to miss.

First up we are back with another episode of The Show! We chit chatted with Amaury Sechet, the benevolent dictator of Bitcoin ABC. Catch it on YouTube, Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

We kick off this week with Justin Sun. The marketing machine was heralding a new era.

Andreas approved.

If you are impressed by the latest developments of TRON 4.0 then here’s a handy article which explains how to move your dApp over from Ethereum... for $500,000 USD.

Speaking of crypto figureheads here is Charles Hoskinson who had a meltdown last week. This was all because someone called him the co-founder of Ethereum, instead of the CEO of arguably less relevant Cardano.

Cobie swooped in and likened Charles to a clitoris. Uncanny.

Now to Brave. The browser was in hot water last week for casually adding Binance referral links to their “privacy focused” app. Here is a solution!

What is a newsletter without Craig Wright? Craig has supposedly been sending legal letters to Bitcoin companies stating he has ownership of not only coins held in the “Tulip Trust” but also the Bitcoin network itself. Hilarious.

As Mark pointed out, this would inevitably mean that Craig has some liability in the MtGox debacle.

We will just leave this here.

In other trust news it turns out that Barry may not be buying up as many of those newly minted Bitcoins as many of us thought.


Now to round this one off with some weird world developments. First up Hotep shared an interesting service being touted in middle America.

And although there may have been some cash deposits in this Bitcoin ATM, we wonder if these looters were in fact thinking they’d find physical bitcoins?

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