Shitcoin Newsletter #93 - Will Bitcoin Save Us From The Craziness?

June 5, 2020
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Hey Shitcoiners,

How has your week been?

At HQ (in a secret location, somewhere tropical) it has been business as usual. Our friends in the USA however, have not been so lucky. Could Bitcoin have helped them? This commentator thought so.

This “Average Joe” possibly raised the importance of Bitcoin a little too high, or not high enough. It’s up for debate.

We will just leave this here. The writing is worth a read.

To international news, a bitcoin trader by the name of Chad Elwartowski is in hot water after setting up a floating cabin off the coast of Phuket, Thailand. Reports say he has fled the scene.

Now to Tone Vays who has been covering his tracks. Stop being so needy, Tone.

Tone should take some notes out of Arthur’s book. Capitalization essentially is shouting in internet speak.

Meanwhile Daniel Krawisz was all for the latest parody account of himself. Then the parody account did the unthinkable, it blocked the person it is a parody of. Blasphemy. Daniel proceeded to hit the report button.

We also take you this week to some Romano goodness. His account is locked, so if you click these images you may or may not have access to the tweets. He almost got a girlfriend, we were almost proud. But then…

To round this one off, some updates from our sponsor, First up, a journey through the evolution of Wojak.

And for the engineers out there…

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