Shitcoin Newsletter #92 - Thoughts from faction leaders (inc. Luke Dashjr, obviously)

May 29, 2020
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Yo Shitcoiners,

The market is pumping, lockdowns are lifting but you like to make it hard for yourself like this guy, don’t you?

Don’t worry, if that is you have the content to cheer you up. First up, your favourite Roman Catholic is back! It’s time for Luke Dashjr Corner, this time a little earlier on in the newsletter so you don’t miss this gold. Here’s Luke doing a little grocery shopping.

And Luke is just the gift that keeps on giving. We hope you tuned in a 0.5 T!

Here’s the full recording if you want to check it out.

Did Luke sample some dog on the show?

Now to Craig Wright. In a scenario that many of you called, Craig didn’t own some of those addresses he said were in the Tupid Trust.

Samson replied.

Paul chimed in with what the key owner should have done. Genius.

GMax also got in on the action, messaging Craig directly.

Other crypto community members utilized Craig’s situation to win them some brownie points. You can say what you want about Justin Sun, but at least the man takes advice on board.

A revisit to this seems fitting. Karen, please.

Now to ETH-land. The Winklevii are supposedly balls deep in Ethereum too.

Here’s another guy with heavy bags, asking the important questions.

Speaking of faction leaders here is Adam Back here evolving the “big blocker” narrative. It’s called huge blockers now. Nice tank!

One of Adam’s co-workers, Pieter, delivered a sucker punch to many of the “blockchain specialists” out there.

Now to a man with a plan. The Director of Autistic Communications with the PSA and a possible course on the way.

Speaking of memes, here are a few must-sees to round this bad boy off. The first, a hit from

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We out,

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