Shitcoin Newsletter #91 - We lost a legend

May 22, 2020
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This week we lost a legend. Ben, who many of you will know as @ActualAdviceBTC is sadly no longer with us.

It’s a painful time for many. In the last couple of days stories of Ben involving amazing memes, insane trades but most importantly, generosity have emerged.

Many of these escapades would have been kept in the vault forever. It’s in devastating circumstances that they have come to light.

We imagine he would be chuckling at most of this newsletter. Here are some stories for you, many of which come from this great thread started by @IamNomad.

It goes without saying that Ben loved a good meme, like this redubbed South Park clip.

He was the king of shills, as this Steem post from three years ago titled “The Art of the Shill” confirms.

And if he wanted that watch, he was getting that watch.

He wasn’t just out for himself either, he was generous to those around him.

Many received actual advice from Ben over the years.

And he will always be remembered for that chuckle.

We leave you with this.

RIP Ben.

You will be missed.

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