Shitcoin Newsletter #90 - Half of the block reward & the Telegram ICO disappear!

May 15, 2020
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Yo Shitcoiners,

After coronavirus took over the world, it was refreshing to have some crypto distractions this week. The last seven days has been full of spicy shenanigans. We had the halving, TON and plenty of scams. Let’s go. First, important updates from r/cryptocurrency.

In other XRP news it has come to light that along with other well known altcoins, it is not transferring any value…

Now to what some Bitcoiners are calling the real news (though some say very little actually happens, the Bitcoin halving. The 630000th block in the Bitcoin Blockchain, with 6.25 Bitcoin Coinbase Reward, was found. Here are a few of the best tweets from the day.

We also came across this random post from the Bitcoin Association HK. If you look you might see some familiar faces!

Oh, and as expected here is some A++ commentary from

With the halving causing all sorts of price speculation Bitlord put a very real question to the people.

This is all starting to read like a Bitcoin circle-jerk. We like to give it to you raw. Here’s a very matter of fact tweet from Adam Singer.

Meanwhile those who invested in TON received some shitty news. The project is being shut down. Investors were as you can imagine, pissed. The options for getting their money back included:

“Take back 72% of their investment immediately, in accordance with a contract amendment from 2019, or loan the funds to Telegram for a year and get back 110% in April 2021.”

Read all of the details below.

ActualAdvice voiced his frustration.

Speaking of possible scams, here’s another.

And one OG Bitcoiner was also in a spot of bother for a little scamming. Oh, Charlie.

Here’s old time friend of, Lawson, with a post he wrote for us back in 2016!

It appears he celebrated the halving in style too. No sleeves, a rap and a plane.

We round this one off with the perfect stack to take you into the weekend.

Andreas approves.

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