Shitcoin Newsletter #89 - Bitcoin Moves, CSW & Memes

May 8, 2020
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Hey Shitcoiners,

Whenever Bitcoin is mentioned on TV, as it was on Billions this week, it usually means we’re ready for a pumpity pump. Lo and behold, this week saw on our way up! One Winklevoss twin started talking about the $10k.

Many have been pointing to the halving as the reason behind this rise, but has Elon been buying in? He did say on his latest Joe Rogan episode he was liquidating all of his assets...

With any price rise questions like this will begin to swirl in your extended circles. Brace yourselves.

While many are swooning over the halving, one depressed man says he does not give a shit.

Meanwhile Craig Wright has been in a spot of bother once again. News surfaced this week that he may have plagiarized several parts of his PhD. Will Dr Wright be a doctor no more?

He is also set to go to trial on July 6th. This could be a bad few months for old CSW.

We will just leave this here… check it out.

One man with a real PhD swooped in with a joke. Nailed it.

In a further twist, it appears Calvin thinks Craig cannot access his Bitcoins anyway. Supposedly the miners will be forced by the government to cough up those coins? That should be interesting...

Now to other scammers! Richard Heart’s HEX has been pumping beyond belief.

While all of this was going on Kraken head honcho Jesse Powell was battling with a disc/nerve issue. Get well soon, Jesse!

On the topic of pioneers, Ross Ulbricht has been sharing his reading list regularly. Here’s another one to add to yours.

Now what is a newsletter without a string of funny, ridiculous memes and tweets? Give this video a watch.

… and check out the latest news from Justin Sun. Wow.

And before you leave us and enjoy your weekend remember to keep an eye on your stimulus investment! Or if you didn’t get any of those dollars enjoy watching this tracker instead.

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