Shitcoin Newsletter #88 - Exploring Pumpanomics

May 1, 2020
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Hey Shitcoiners,

This week we have news of a Bitcoin price pump, possible market manipulation and other shenanigans. It’s a cracker!

Before we jump into all of that we suggest you check out the latest episode of The Show. This week’s guest was Bruce Fenton, who you probably know as the guy behind the Satoshi Roundtable event. This one was an eye opener where we spoke about government overreach, why Bitcoiners are often ahead of the curve and more. If you prefer you can catch it on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Oh and while we’re talking about Bruce be sure to check out his latest report - The End of an Epoch.

Now we aren’t quite there yet, but The Crypto Dog called a pump about a week or so ago and he was right about the direction.

Crypto Twitter rejoiced as Bitcoin (and crypto in general) pumped.

Some however, i.e. our favourite ass-eater Romano, missed out.

In an interesting series of posts Romano talks a little about market manipulation. Notorious Bitcoin whale J0E007 is said to have crashed the market back in December.

Romano also gave a nod to a favourite, @ActualAdviceBTC. Who has also been known for a bit of pumping in his time.

Actual Advice could not confirm.

R/buttcoin agreed with Romano about market manipulation being rife.

Meanwhile the man with the greatest mustache in crypto gave a word of warning. He thinks we’re still on shaky ground.

Now to Peter Schiff. The gold shill appears to have aged quite a bit in the last 8 years. Almost as much as some Bitcoiners we know. took the opportunity to mention Peter in a marketing campaign this week too as they launched Tether Gold!

Is Peter just not thinking far enough ahead?

Meanwhile in BCH-land there was a little drama. One supporter, Marc De Mesel pledged $150,000 towards BCH node development, even giving some to Chris Pacia’s BCHD.

However, Marc changed his mind as he questioned Chris’ intentions. Spicy.

Now to round this one off here is Actual Advice again with a warning for others to not give away the secret sauce.

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