Shitcoin Newsletter #82 - Corona-memes

March 13, 2020
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Yo Shitcoiners,

This week we have a few corona-memes, a Bitcoin bounce, an update from BitMEX and Mike In Space news. What’s not to love? As always, we are here to provide you with some exceptional Friday reading.

First up, we shipped another episode of The Show! This time we sat down with Paul Sztorc about the latest from Drivechain, what he thinks of Handshake and some Bitcoin maximalism chit-chat.

Watch it on YouTube below or catch it on Spotify if audio-only is your thing.

With most of the world on lockdown it’s great to see the adult industry still pumping out great content. The pumping is strong in this one.

Meanwhile over in the Garlicoin community.

For those of you experiencing the virus first hand, like Peter McCormack, we hope this newsletter offers some respite.

Here’s something that will help. An exceptional analogy from Romano.

This whole virus thing has really impacted the markets. The Fed is injecting a ton of dirty fiat as we speak.

The Bitcoin price is slowly on the rise again but the insane drop last week got Edward interested.

As a privacy focused individual, we wonder if Edward would be making use of a Bitcoin ATM like this one?

With all that’s going on, we too wonder what Satoshi would be thinking right now.

Because after all…

To also pass the time while you’re stuck indoors, give one of our favourite creators a listen. Matt Aaron is back with some fresh podcast content.

The Bitcoin meltdown of last week was not fun. Many major exchanges came under fire as they temporarily shut up shop. BitMEX was one. They released some news regarding what went down.

Now to Mike In Space. Whose content almost warrants a separate newsletter section.

Paul helped us work it out.

Meanwhile Tiffany Hayden is trying to forget about XRP.

And to round this one off, we hope that all of you, wherever you are, are putting on fantastic pieces of attire while you take those Zoom calls.

Follow Andreas on Twitter and remember now to check out our sponsor, SideShift AI - the rapid coin swap. You know you want to. Stay safe out there.


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