Shitcoin Newsletter #80 - Governments & Shitcoins

March 5, 2020
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Hey Shitcoiners,

There’s rarely a dull moment in the world of crypto and the last week was no exception. This week’s newsletter includes government updates, lots of shitcoins and a funny tweet or two. We know what you’re into.

Before we shower you in shitcoin chit-chat we would like to divert your attention to our re-branded multimedia content! Say hello to The Show. On YouTube as always and soon to be available as podcasts too. Stay tuned.

This week Andreas and Blake sat down with Roldolfo Novak (@NVK) to talk about the Coinkite latest and other bits and pieces. Listen to the end for TRON updates!

Now to the action. In a funny coincidence this week it was noted that the last time the Fed implemented a 50bps rate cut, Satoshi introduced some game changing tech.

In light of that news, Peter Schiff did a Peter Schiff and tried to shit all over Bitcoin. told him his FUD spreading would be deemed ineffective.

Meanwhile the Indian Supreme Court have told the Reserve Bank of India their crypto banking ban is illegal.

Samson gave us some insight into India’s reaction.

On the topics of government intervention, Steven Seagal got in a little trouble for shilling an ICO.

And we’ll just leave this here…

All of this shitcoin talk and we haven’t even mentioned IOTA yet! The “internet of things” blockchain is requiring all users of their most used wallet to do a migration. Or “tokens might be at risk”.


While IOTA was melting down, Steem was being taken over by a bunch of exchanges. Binance, Huobi and Poloniex staked a large number of STEEM tokens to remove previous witnesses. Read more about it here and check out the video below for how it went down.

One exchange not on that list was Kraken. They’ve been winning over the public with a $150k donation to Noisebridge, the hacker space in SF.

They are also preparing to list Justin Sun’s Tron! Good job shilling that one Udi Wertheimer.

Tron’s competition, Ethereum, has witnessed several users doxxing themselves. Fluffypony is here with the latest.

To other hilarious crypto-twitter content.

And are you a developer looking to build towards a sex positive future? Check this out from SpankPay.

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Till next week!

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