Shitcoin Newsletter #79 - Trace, should we buy MWC?

February 28, 2020
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Yo Shitcoiners,

The bad news is most of your gains have been wiped out. The good news is that while you wait for them to be replenished you can give the newsletter a read. You are a winner.

With renewed interest in crypto the spread of misinformation is more rampant than ever.

All we can hope is that the OAPs buying physical bitcoins on Nextdoor are around long enough to see hyperbitcoinization.

What do you think the odds are that Trace Mayer will start shilling MimbleWimble Coin on Nextdoor? We guess high.

Bitcoin maximalists responded in various ways.

Uh oh.

Now to more pressing issues. Andreas pulled Luke into a discussion on “Head Transplants 'Could Replace Gender Reassignment Surgery' for Gender Dysphoria”. Oh boy.

And Mike In Space threw some shade on the Pope.

In a far less holy incident one fishing enthusiast/drug dealer has “lost his codes”. This predicament leaves the coins out of the Irish Criminal Assets Bureau’s reach.

You can probably guess Roger’s take on that case. Here he mentioning the government crackdown on privacy tools.

Meanwhile in a tropical setting a gathering of Blockstream spies was spotted.

We are covering all of the cryptocurrency factions here aren’t we! With that in mind we now take you to the interesting world of BSV.

Remember guys, you are a WIN!

Whatever your thoughts on BSV, there’s one thing we can all agree on. Daniel Krawisz has an exceptional new haircut.

Now to a non-believer. Warren says he doesn’t own any crypto.

Justin shows us that while he’s not an investor by choice, Mr Buffet does have a stash of his own. Kind of.

Now to a new section of the newsletter, REKT. It appears Romano and Crypto Sara are not meant to be.

We can also conclude that Preethi’s just tweeting for likes. Ouch.

To round this one up we present you with a conundrum. Would you visit this chemist?

Follow Andreas on Twitter and remember now to check out our sponsor, SideShift AI - the rapid coin swap. You know you want to.

Till next week!

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