Shitcoin Newsletter #78 - "Oops, did we get hacked?"

February 20, 2020
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G’day Shitcoiners,

So here we are, sliding into your inbox once again. This newsletter is full of exploits, hacks and some of our favourite Bitcoin personalities. Strap in.

First up we have one of the most loved Bitcoiners of the newsletter, Luke Dashjr is back.

We haven’t heard what Luke has to say about DeFi lately but we can imagine he’s not impressed by the latest exploit that left one guy or girl with $350k from DeFi lending protocol bZx. If you are intrigued about how it went down, here’s a pretty simple explanation.

You would have hoped they’d patch up the vulnerability and avoid future losses, but fast forward a few days and it happened again, this time for $1m.

Hack, exploit, whatever you want to call it, the “decentralized” nature of this world we live in brought some clarity as @lwsnbaker pointed out.

Now to platforms with other issues. IOTA’s Trinity wallet was compromised leading to several million in losses.

Crypto exchange FCoin also had a bad time of it. The world is crumbling beneath our feet!

Enough hacking talk, it’s time to lighten the mood with some crypto themed toast.

Now to BCH, Bitcoin ABC have added in support for the Infrastructure Funding Plan for the May 15 upgrade. reacted.

Meanwhile Mike was letting Dropbit know they should be telling prospective users about their CEO’s predicament.

Speaking of Mike… here he is featuring in “a bitcoin story”.

From one Bitcoin mastermind to another. Justin Sun is better than all of you.

While you sit at home talking to your “friends” on Reddit about Lambos, Justin is out buying one for fun.

Another man who can afford a Lambo is CZ. Last week saw him bringing up his past and getting all political.

Now to round this one off we have some funny business. Are you this bullish?

If the above video resonates with you we suggest you go ahead and do the dirty. Buy it. Buy that Bitcoin.

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Till next week!

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