Shitcoin Newsletter #77 - Roundtables & Battles Against The State

February 13, 2020
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Hey Shitcoiners,

While Bitcoin is back screw the price chat. At the Newsletter we are all about the nitty-gritty, the memes, the stuff you guys and girls really care about.

This week we bring you more Tron x Justin Sun marketing gold, a few cases of Bitcoiners versus The State plus Daniel Krawisz and Jimmy Wales discussing the Byzantine Generals Problem. Get strapped in.

First, Adam Back caused a stir last week when he mentioned that the Tron Foundation could just buy Consensys…

Planning ensued.

This all appeared to take place at the Satoshi Roundtable event where Justin and other crypto/Bitcoin/blockchain personalities were gathered. Peter McCormack took the chance to grab an exclusive interview with Mr Sun.

While the conversations on Twitter raged on, chimed in with a meme of its own.

Word on the grapevine was Captain Kirk was down at the Roundtable. Shatner has been increasingly interested in crypto and even he had a hot take on the #Faketoshi debacle.

Now to news about Bitcoiners versus the government. First we have an interesting tale of two “crypto dudes” using customer funds to live the high life. As you can imagine it didn’t end well.

And in another situation we have a money laundering charge which could leave one Bitcoiner in a tough spot. Larry Harmon, the CEO of DropBit is being investigated by the feds. They claim he ran a mixing service linked to darknet markets.

In an interesting twist, DropBit were actually a sponsor of McCormack’s popular podcast. Peter took to Twitter.

Meanwhile IOTA-land is burning down.

If you missed it be sure to check out Andreas’ in-depth review of IOTA. As you can see he was not a fan.

As one ship sinks, others float on down to the decentralized bank (ha!). Coinbase have launched margin trading! It’s time for some noobs to get rekt.

Our final piece of the newsletter today is pretty spicy. What do you get if you get if you leave Daniel Krawisz the guy behind Wikipedia alone in a virtual chatroom? This thread.

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Till next week!

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