Shitcoin Newsletter #76 - Crypto Social Media Explained

February 7, 2020
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Hey Shitcoiners,

As usual we bring you news, memes and everything in between. Before you start wondering we did not turn this newsletter into a social media posting engagement guide on purpose, it just happened. Crypto Twitter made it happen.

To kick things off we bring you a personality you know all too well.

The the news. The ZeroHedge Twitter account was banned due to Coronavirus claims. Jack responded by releasing a Bitcoin emoji… or so the conspiracy theorists say.

While Twitter descends into an onslaught of tweets containing "the B", you will need some new engagement tactics.

Look no further than Arthur Hayes. We aren’t sure if it’s the dogshit reference or the “Boo-Yaka-sha” but this tweet made us feel all fuzzy, a similar feeling to your favourite shitcoin doing 100x.

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Now to a crypto personality who does not know how to use Twitter. He might get engagement but this shit hurts our eyes. Michael, formatting and spelling please.

Meanwhile Peter Todd has been showing us that Bitcoin really does not care about who you are or what you do with your time. Case and point below.

To Lightning, they announced a Series A to do more layer two things.

The crypto community is divided over LN, Brendan Eich even pulled Andreas’ reviews into a discussion.

Here is part one if you missed those, they are definitely worth a read!

Now to other news. What’s a newsletter without some Craig Wright action?

After all the pumping and “bonded courier” talk, CSW is now saying that the courier is an attorney and he is not obliged to share the communications due to client legal privilege.

Now to round this one off, in what reminds us of a review, Scott Lewis broke down the top app on Blockstack, the "decentalized computing network and app ecosystem".

… yeah, not much is happening at Blockstack.

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Till next week!

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