Shitcoin Newsletter #75 - Justin Sun Has No Shame

January 31, 2020
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G’day Shitcoiners,

There’s never a dull moment in the world of crypto and this week was no exception. We had Justin Sun’s most shameless moments yet, Lightning shenanigans and NSFW clips a-plenty. Welcome to the 75th edition of the newsletter.

On the back of the tragic news of Kobe Bryant’s death Justin Sun saw an opportunity for some free marketing. Yikes.

And as news continues to develop around coronavirus, Justin thought he could get do some marketing off the back of that too!

It’s impossible to know if this is a parody or not. It’s key to note the asterisk in the bottom right.

As expected the more rational members of crypto-twitter shone a light on the madness.

Now to the Lightning Network. The layer two solution has had some action this past week. First we heard that the second Lightning Torch had been stolen a few times already.

One of those victims of theft was Giacomo Zucco. It appears Twitter user @wizard_btc did a lil’ scam and ran off with those satoshis.

While Giacomo was begging a wizard for his satoshis back, Jack Mallers released a new Lightning on-ramp.

Meanwhile in the world of Bitcoin Cash, a new developer funding proposal which requires miners to give up 12.5% of block rewards had a mixed reception. gave their response.

We are also happy to report that Peter Schiff’s Bitcoin mystery has been resolved. Hooray!

Maybe Peter and all of his boomer friends would benefit from this next piece of UX-focused tech.

Now to wrap this one up we leave you with two pieces of golden content. The first, the meme of the week from our sponsor,

The second, a truly NSFW tweet from Ameen of SpankChain.

Remember to check out our sponsor, and shift some coins in you so choose. Oh and follow Andreas on Twitter. That's essential.

See you next time,


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