Shitcoin Newsletter #74 - Schiff, Whips & Other Curiosities

January 22, 2020
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Yo Shitcoiners,

Welcome to the latest edition of the newsletter. In our highlights from the last week we have the aftermath of the BSV price pump, Schiffgate and the crypto CEO who likes being tied up on her downtime.

But first, is this CNBC coverage a signal to buy or sell?

Don’t worry guys, there’s no need to take profit. After all there’s only one way to do this, stay humble. Stack sats.

In other news, last week saw BSV temporarily pass BCH in price.

The pump appeared to be based on news of Craig supplying the court with a list of addresses. Turns out that list was 16,404 addresses. Sounds legit.

Craig’s week went from bad to awkward as a book about him was axed.

In a convenient segue, it turns out Andreas once met Craig at a conference about crypto, cannabis and AI. Here’s an article about two of the topics from that conference, cannabis and crypto.

And to cover the AI part, Mr Brekken is looking forward to working on mixing that BTC at Good job!

Do you think Peter Schiff is a fan of Bitcoin mixing? It’s probably not on his radar. He’s too busy finding his keys as he had bit of a public nightmare recently.


Twitter responded and Peter bit back.

Erik Voorhees shared an interesting story about setting up a Bitcoin wallet for Mr Schiff. It’s worth a read.

Now to other news, it appears our plan to host ShitcoinDotComCon in North Korea is in tatters. U.N. sanctions experts are telling all of our future attendees it’ll be a bad idea and may get them in a spot of bother. Drats!

We aren’t sure why the tone of this newsletter went all 18th century Britain just then but here’s another man with a funny accent.

Do you think those suits in Davos are lapping up this super hot product?

In other spicy news the CEO of Holochain is into whips and chains.

Don’t worry ICO investors, those funds were not spent on sex swings and other sexy-time paraphernalia.

Remember to check out our sponsor, and shift some coins in you so choose. Oh and follow Andreas on Twitter. That's essential.

See you next time,


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