Shitcoin Newsletter #73 - CSW, BSV & Bruce Fenton On TikTok

January 15, 2020
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Hi there Shitcoiners,

Bonded couriers, price action and Bruce Fenton on TikTok. We haven’t seen a newsletter this action-packed since Karbongate.

As you can imagine there is only one logical place to start, Craig Wright and BSV. With the bonded courier supposedly arriving in January, the courts gave Craig until February 3rd to inform them that he had received the missing slice needed to access “his” coins.

Many thought this was highly unlikely, many still do. Things took a turn as Craig started talking.

This news slowly reverberated around the crypto-sphere and led to an insane BSV price pump.

The jokes ensued.

As with anything Craig related it’s never clear cut. Ira Kleiman’s attorneys delivered news regarding what Wright had actually submitted.

Will the BSV price crash? Will Craig be shown as a perjurer? Only time will tell. One thing’s for sure though, Calvin has an interesting few months ahead of him.

Enough of the BSV fiasco, to the real news. Bruce Fenton is on TikTok!

Meanwhile Eth-heads are pwning the n00bs at Consensys/EF for all they’re worth.

Saifedean also did a funny.

Now to a story of one crypto influencer and how his walk through on how to date on the cheap if your portfolio isn’t looking so great.

In other news Gavin has been playing around with something new.

And to round this one off we leave you with one of the best pieces of content put out there this week. If you ever wanted to know the man behind the meme, here’s your chance.

And there we have it. Thanks for reading. Now go follow Andreas on Twitter and remember to give our sponsor a spin, SideShift AI - the rapid coin swap.


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