Shitcoin Newsletter #72 - A Spicy Start To 2020

January 9, 2020
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Happy New Year Shitcoiners,

This year has already been eventful as fuck and we’re just over a week in. IRL there were fires, threats of wars and Ricky Gervais destroying Hollywood. In crypto-land we saw the return of the pump, saucy snaps, Nakamoto controversy and HEX. Oh boy, it was a good week!

We don’t like to focus on number go up but your Blockfolio is likely looking a little healthier to kick start the year.

Bitcoin is back baby.

Also back (in fashion) are QR code tramp stamps.

In other news, sprung into life as the year did too. Bitcoiners were pissed that the site hailing Satoshi’s name is being used by the wider crypto community to spread ideas. Vitalik, Brian Armstrong and more are already listed as contributors talking crypto, Ethereum and other topics Bitcoin maximalists may not be so fond of.

The community is also split on the business model. Is it okay to make money on site with Satoshi’s name? What do they really plan to do with all of this lout? Some are already calling it the best meme of 2020.

Others say that title has already been taken.

Do you think Samson will stick to his New Year’s resolution? Well that remains to be seen.

Regardless of if he keeps it or not, he’ll be feeling pretty good after a whole bunch of Tether moved to Liquid.

We now divert your attention to the project that dominating December 2019, HEX.

Luckily for Richard (or whoever has the keys to the contract) the money for the project was raised in Ethereum!

SideShift AI reacted.

It’s probably advisable to not take too much notice of this BitcoinTre guy, he spews more shit than we do.

The whole HEX situation is confusing, but not as confusing as this DeFi explainer.

Now to a new part of the newsletter: truth or lie. In this gameshow-esque segment we ask you if the following tweets are in fact true or not quite telling the whole story.

#1 - Can you really claim space on the blockchain?

#2 - Can Romano actually do one handed push-ups?

#3 - Would McAfee work with a fundamentalist religious group?

To round this one off we leave you with this heartwarming moment as one Dad combines the love for his daughter with his love of his portfolio.

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