Shitcoin Newsletter #70 - Take a break this holiday season

December 24, 2019
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Ho! Ho! Ho!

While most of the team are spending time with their families, some of us are here holding the fort. By holding the fort we mean trawling crypto-Twitter for memes and A+ shitposting. It’s a hard life.

Before we dive in we would also like to remind you that next week we will be bringing you a special newsletter, where we run down the best bits of 2019, style. Look out for that one just before the new year!

Now let’s kick this one off with @hodlonaut, who will surely get you in the Christmas spirit. Well, everyone except for you, Craig.

We don’t hear so much from CSW anymore. It’s a good job we have exceptional replacements waiting in the wings.

Perhaps the reason he has been so quiet is all the lawsuit shenanigans he’s been dealing with.

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For Meltem Demirors, the Christmas season appears to be a weird concoction of Bud Light and scratch cards. This reminds us a lot of the Christmas party!

Tell us how you celebrate the holidays on Telegram!

While Meltem tries to get lucky, one Casascius bar owner has redeemed 100 BTC, $740,000 give or take. We hope that bad boy was stored in a vault within a vault.

Oh and Shitcoiners, we recommend giving the latest piece by Aaron Van Wirdum over at Bitcoin Magazine. An interesting read.

One big takeaway from 2019 that Aaron didn’t get to in part one is that there’s stacking evidence to suggest crypto companies can budget for SEC fines, without spunking all of their ICO raise.

We round this one off with some festive cheer from our sponsors, SideShift AI.

And a reminder that there’s an embed and API ready to go if you’d like to integrate rapid swaps into your service.

Follow Andreas on Twitter and to all of you Shitcoiners out there, Merry Christmas!


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