Shitcoin Newsletter #69 - This is a HEX-free zone

December 19, 2019
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Hello there Shitcoiners,

With crypto markets looking like a literal shitshow it’s safe to say there will plenty of sub-par Christmas presents under your tree. Our stockings are full of poorly printed crypto merchandise and IOU’s of the shittiest Shitcoins imaginable.

Due to lack of interesting news, the newsletter was almost postponed…

But as always, we came through and found some spicy goings on for you to read.

We could have made this one all about Richard Heart, HEX and the “listing on Exchange” fiasco but we’ll do our best to ignore it. After all that shit is a scam.

While we can avoid the HEX chat we cannot avoid this premeditated piece of comedy gold from Daniel Krawisz.

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In other obscure news, Justin Sun announced he would be donating to another overachieving teenager.

Unconfirmed sources shared a pre-announcement of an announcement of Fluffypony’s next career move as he stepped down as the Lead Maintainer of Monero.

If you are a crypto entrepreneur, how do you explain your super complex, decentralized project with atomic swaps?

One company that has weathered the weird questions from friends and acquaintances is Coinfloor. The UK’s longest running crypto exchange shared an announcement.

Meanwhile SideShift AI has been integrated by!

Now we take you to a fascinating poll.

How did you lose your keys this year Shitcoiners?

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Despite all of this terrible price action, Bitcoin is still making the news! Here’s an excerpt from an article over on Bloomberg.

The last section was a real gem:

“When people tell you that cryptocurrency will enable smart contracts on the blockchain that supersede traditional court systems and automate trust, allowing frictionless commerce with no need for archaic subjective state justice systems, remember the time people asked the police to dig up a corpse to ask it who stole their Bitcoins!”

The last few weeks have been turbulent with many Bitcoiners entering public disagreements. Was it the stress of Christmas? The downward price action? Maybe Karbonbased just managed to trigger them too much. Who knows.

Anyway, Dan is here to start the healing.

His efforts are coming just in time too, as during any upcoming run we will start to see more of these questions.

If you’re looking to equip yourself with some knowledge, we recommend giving this a read.

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Till next week!


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