Shitcoin Newsletter #67 - Virgil Griffiths & Other Feather Rufflers 🐓

December 4, 2019
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Hello team,

As Shitcoiners ate their Thanksgiving turkey and hit the Black Friday sales we at HQ were here staring at red candles.

It’s proving to be a long old Crypto Winter. If any of your relatives ask “How that Bitcoin thing” is going this holiday season here’s a forecast you can share.

Or just do as the Roman(o)s do.

It’s not all doom and gloom though! A new episode of “A Game of Shitcoins” is ready for you to watch.

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Now to serious chit-chat. Last week saw a whole lot of trouble coming Virgil Griffith’s way. The Ethereum research scientist was in hot water with the US after supposedly teaching North Korean’s about blockchain technology.

Vitalik was quick to stand up for a fellow eth-head and show his support.

It appears that Virgil has some competent legal representation in what may become a landmark case.

But with anything of this nature, there is always some spice. Twitter user @isislovecruft started a damning thread which doesn’t do much for Virgil’s public image.

This is definitely a complicated one as Zooko pointed out...

While on the topic of Ethereum-related bits and bobs, one bitcoiner received a hilarious Brotalik one-liner.

But Uncle Calvin says Vitalik has no idea about blockchain so we probably shouldn’t take any notice.

We like how spicy Kevin Pham is. We’re still undecided on if this deleted tweet makes him look like a “Chad” or “Virgin”.

Is Kevin a Chad or Virgin? Tell us on Telegram!

To other deleted tweets, Poloniex should probably get a new social media person.

In other news, Chainalysis, the guys and girls who track all of your crypto activity are making layoffs.

And Jesse Powell is possibly moving to Wyoming!

We imagine that down in WY the beef is a lot better than what Saifedean has been digging into lately.

To round this one off we leave you with a truly monumental tweet. Get ready for a glimpse into the future.

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