Shitcoin Newsletter #66 - Markets & Memes

November 21, 2019
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Ahoy there Shitcoiners,

It has been over 700 days since Bitcoin was at it’s all-time high and although we try and mask the pain with memes, times are tough. But as always, there are silver linings. Just stick with it and you too may end up with one whole Bitcoin.

If you prefer to learn/take action rather than watch your funds dwindle then we might have the thing for you. Andreas and Blake sat down with Allen Piscitello, VP of Product at Blockstream to run through Liquid!

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Now to some really important news from CSW.

Other highlights of his latest spiel include (but are not limited to):

“Hoodlin’ is possibly the most evil, despicable thing to do with Bitcoin”

“When you want to have a pair of Nike shoes printed in your local area to your design, that will happen”

“I wear Gucci”

“And yes, I’m an arsehole”

We also hope you didn’t miss Bitcoin Independence Day!

While Craig was busy spurting gobbledygook, Roger was announcing a $200m Bitcoin Cash Ecosystem Fund.

Roger was known for his early Bitcoin advertising and we’re guessing he’d like this latest effort from

Do you approve of the above? Do physical billboards work for Bitcoin?

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It was another good week for SideShift AI, the rapid coin swap as they removed the need for access codes.

They also put out some solid promo videos like the one below.

Meanwhile, Paul Sztorc took some time out to thank Pornhub.

One man who can only hope his Pornhub usage is going to stay low in the coming years is Pomp.

And this would not be a Newsletter without our favourite Content Creator, Mike In Space. Mike has been on fire as of late.

The following tweet is a strong contender for “Tweet Of The Year”.

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Saifedean is trying his best not to be a meme, he’s a serious author after all but he just can’t help himself.

Meanwhile over in Canada Einstein Exchange has not been providing the goods for it’s users but has definitely been providing the goods to the wider crypto meme community.

One article reported, “The interim receiver assigned to oversee the company's finances and take control of any remaining assets, Grant Thornton, said in a report Monday that Einstein now has just CA$45,000 (US$34,000) left of CA$16 million-worth (US$12 million) claimed by users of the exchange.”

Uh oh.

To round this one up, remember guys (and girls) that there is only one sure-fire way to avoid those babies.

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