Shitcoin Newsletter #65 - Boomers, Traders & Meme Artists

November 13, 2019
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G’day Shitcoiners,

Welcome back to another dose of the shittiest newsletter on the internet. At HQ we are an accepting bunch (translation: we take any attention we can get) but boy do we have an issue with late-night talk show hosts not enjoying our endless rambles about cryptocurrency and “blockchain technology”.

Did you see what we did there?

Here's another boomer who just doesn’t understand.

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In other news this week, head honcho Andreas made his way to Malta for the Malta Blockchain Summit where Craig Wright got rekt.

Craig will probably tell you he did all of this marketing too.

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One OG involved (he actually paid for the billboard) was Roger Ver. Over on the Podcast Network which he owns we recommend a listen to the following.

In an appropriate segue and SideShift AI sponsored the Bitcoin Cash House project in Barquisimeto, Venezuela!

Learn more about it below.

To keep with the Bitcoin Cash theme, news of internal power struggles at Bitmain continue. Jihan is back but the ousted Micree Zhan is still looking to get back in and drive the company towards AI chips, away from it’s Bitcoin roots.

While things sound a little serious over in Beijing, Collin was donning a spicy shirt over on the CoinSpice YouTube channel.

Another spicy individual is newsletter staple Romano. This guy fucks.

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He also pisses in bottles.

While Romano was staring at charts and urinating one Reddit user was getting scammed out of $4,200.

While on the topic of scams, does this look fishy to you?

In another episode that smells of scam, the inventor of IOTA sold all of his tokens to avoid a “conflict of interest”. It’s Charlie Lee all over again!

So we all know how this works by now. You invent the coin, you pump the shit out of it and then you sell the top. Will McAfee do the same with the Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself token?

To round this one off, do you know anyone like this guy?

We know, we know. A lot of rhetorical questioning there. But we know you loved it. Before you go, share the newsletter with your friends, yo.

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Till next time!


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