#62 - Another week, another meme

October 22, 2019
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Yo Shitcoiners,

How goes it?

This week we get back to our roots. Our meme lineage that is. Today’s newsletter is jam packed with crypto humour, latest news and great reads. So let’s do this.

First we take you to the naturally bullish Pomp and some news that may put a spring in your step.

Also bullish are HTC! The EXODUS 1 features full node capabilities.

Now, now. Don’t go getting ahead of yourself. Regardless of all of this “number of up” inducing news some are ready to meme this shit all the way to the bottom.

Our main man Luke Dashjr does what he does best. Avoid the noise, shill Catholicism. Heyo!

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We see Luke has featured on Peter McCormack’s What Bitcoin Did. We confess, we haven’t caught the episode. We can only hope though that the conversation moved away from 300k blocks and straight to whether Luke thinks Peter is going to heaven or not. Is smoking a sin?

While you ponder that one, here is a video of Peter playing with an IRL AI.

Speaking of AI’s, the AI at SideShift AI was busy working out how to be like other machines. This time, UFC fighter Ben Askren.

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In other news, last week saw Roger Ver and Nouriel Roubini go head-to-head in London. Definitely a great watch. Take a look when you can.

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While Nouriel tells us all crypto is a scam, one long-time crypto advocate has decided he is taking a break from the space. We bid thee adieu, Peter Ryan.

Reactions ensued.

One individual balls deep in the space due to those spicy profits is Arthur Hayes. We particularly love his use of the word “Mate” here.

Speaking of the crypto gambling, Augur are talking about traction!

Now to round this one off we have a truly glorious tweet for you. What’s your take on smell money?

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Till next time!

Team Shitcoin.com

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