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Hey Shitcoiners,

Welcome to this week’s edition of the weekly round-up! We have Vitalik’s package, treasury mismanagement, NFTs IRL and more. Before we get to that be sure to check out the latest episode of the Show where we sat down with Dan Matuszewski, Co-founder and Principle of CMS Holdings. Check it out below.

To the news! Our bags didn't fair so well this week. You can tell it’s a bear market when one of the biggest (literally) stories is the size of Vitalik’s dong. We apologize in advance for how much focus this next section has on male sexual organs.

Queue the analysis!

There’s only one way to get on Vitalik’s level… plastic surgery.

A quick Google search tells us that “Mandingo is a black porn actor with a huge trunk”. It’s good to hear Vitalik has an easy money making scheme in the pipeline if ETH ever goes to zero.

Inches just doesn’t cut it.

As Kevin pointed out, we should have known.

Charles just doesn’t get what the the big deal is.

Where is Vitalik during all of this? He’s eating crickets at the World Economic Forum. As you do.

Justin Sun couldn’t help but jump in to tell you he will steal your wife and he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

Anyway enough Vitalik. We might be giving this too much coverage. It’s hard to ignore when "LONGED" is written everywhere though.

No really, we are definitely done now. Arthur up next. Is he spinning a narrative to support his positions?

To another thought leader of the space. Matty Graham with a solid 5 minutes of analysis you should not miss.

Did Sino offer Trabucco a job? He’s going to have to pass for now but that doesn’t mean it’s a no!

Eric Wall reminded us this week that Andreas Antonopoulos was possibly the best bitcoiner who ever existed. This fact may go over the head of many new market entrants.

Here’s Cobie giving Andreas a high five.

We thought the apes had disappeared but it turns out that celebrities are still flogging that (possibly) dead horse.

We know Neeraj is trying to be funny here, but it would be even more hilarious if Mutant Apes mooned and he could have paid for his daughter to go to college several times over.

There’s a human behind that ape!

It’s time for an @inversebrah!

Speaking of legal proceedings, are busy trying to recoup $10.5m they accidentally sent to one user. That amount of money going missing tells you how well things were going during the bull run, and how now, 7 months after the fact, purse strings are being tightened.

Meanwhile in unfortunate news, is down as Virgil Griffith is icurrently serving time.

So picture this. You have a $2m treasury and you think that the best thing to do with it is siphon as much out in salaries as you can and degenerately trade it. Yikes.

Speaking of insane salaries…

The women in our lives think we are emotionless. They have evidently never watched us deep in a trade, gripping for dear life, flirting with liquidation. Viewing advised.

That's all for this week. Follow Andreas on Twitter and stay up to date with us @Shitcoindotcom too. See you next time!


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