Newsletter #205 - AHH! I'm Merginggg!

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Yo Shitcoiners,

Are we bullish? Are we bearish? Is this sideways market going to go on forever? The industry seems to have a lot of differing opinions on where we go from here. To kick off this edition of the newsletter, here’s some imagery which perfectly depicts the state of affairs.

The merge is coming. We can only hope Vitalik drops an album to celebrate if it’s a success.

Arthur Hayes is becoming prolific with his market analysis writing. If you are big brained enough for a deep-dive into USD liquidity and it’s similarities to Bitcoin, get stuck in. You are guaranteed a 10 IQ point increase upon completion.

Back to the merge. Wait, not the Ethereum merge, the FTX and Alameda merge! Ahh, we’re merginggg.

SBF thinks they have it all wrong though.

In other Alameda news, Sam Trabucco posted a thread “on happiness”.

Trabucco is stepping down as co-CEO. Keeping up with 23 year old autists who sit at their computers 23 hours a day is tough, so this move checks out.

He also bought a boat!

We can only hope it’s the boat.

Boats are playing a pretty pivotal role in this bear market.

Infamous trader CL with the spicy take on new CEO Caroline.

In other news, Bitboy was trying to sue one crypto YouTuber for defamation.

Atozy, the guy being sued went to the community to ask for financial backing for his defence.

Cobie jumped in to offer support.

The Milady was just a troll though. He actually delivered. Well played sir.

Word on the street is Bitboy has now pulled back and is no longer pursuing the case. Did the community support play a role?

We will just leave this here.

If you like Cobie just that little bit more now, be sure to check up the latest episode of UpOnly.

You might have seen some hype this week around Dogechain. The degen-filled EVM chain has launched their own token, DC. They airdropped a significant amount to early users.

It wasn’t smooth sailing though. Rumours began to circulate that someone had sniped the contract 15 minutes before the launch.

Others hinted that this could be the team…

There was little public acknowledgement of the problem, but sources told us on Twitter that this dumping was from the market making wallet. We don’t know what you think.

It’s too early to tell if the DC team has bad intentions or just botched the launch a little, but scams are everywhere. Here’s a little story about losing $116k in two hours.

Enough doom and gloom. The CEO of Aptos has amazing hair. Look at those luscious locks.

We round this one off with Romano. He is not a gifted child.

That's all for this week. Follow Andreas on Twitter and stay up to date with us @Shitcoindotcom too. See you next time!


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