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Hey Shitcoiners,

Our bags are taking a bit of a beating but Crypto Twitter has been delivering as always. This week's newsletter is jam packed with shenanigans. Before we jump in, be sure to check out the latest and greatest Shitcoin TV has to offer! We were joined by Ameen Soleimani, Xan Ditkoff and Chandler Guo. It was pretty hectic.

One topic we covered in this week’s episode was Tornado Cash. One of the devs is in hot water with the Dutch authorities. Is it a crime to code?

It’s setting an odd precedent.

And everyone is concerned.

Even Justin Sun! He had his Aave access blocked due to being sent 0.1 Tornado’d ETH.

CT reacted in the only way it knows how.

But a fix was made which re-enabled access for those who had been Tornado'd. Did Justin make some calls?

Regardless, Kevin O’Leary thinks getting rid of “crap” like Tornado is good for crypto. *Face palm*

Anons, is it time for us to go dark?

The ETH merge is still a hot topic. Chandler here with the battle cry.

For a hot take on how this all goes down, here’s Arthur.

This all sounds quite familiar doesn’t it? ETH-heads could learn a thing or two from Bitcoiners. Welcome king!

In other Bitcoin news, there’s a shit ton of BTC about to be released into the market. We don’t know how this will play out. Welp.

To the US! Did you know crypto has created over 87,000 jobs in the land of the free?

For our American homies, we are excited to watch you release the TXIDs!

Dogechain launched this week which led to whole host of new ponzis to degen into. You buy DOGE, bridge your DOGE to wDOGE and then hope you get an airdrop… for trading on pairs with a base currency of DOGE. Genius.

Here's the Dogechain trader setup.

Crypto is complicated but Hsaka is here to help. Here’s the financial circle jerk of crypto in a diagram.

And here’s the next layer to that diagram.

Speaking of VC backed projects, Aptos isn’t having a good start.

Scams and hacks are everywhere but is crypto better than the early internet? Hacker News here with the scoop.

Martin Shkreli is back and he’s already rugging you.

Or maybe not, he just got screwed for downloading a “Big Tits Round Asses” torrent. You can't make this shit up.

Meanwhile Acala Network had a bug and a hacker did some exploiting.

Speaking of benefiting from the misfortune of bagholders, Do Kwon did an interview on the media network he funds. Sounds like a last ditch PR effort to us!

Cobie and Ledger are going to have to begrudgingly come out of retirement.

While Do tries to salvage his reputation, the 3AC team are nowhere to be seen. Their yacht is there for everyone to check out though… Much Wow.

Larry with the Dad joke.

Larry was also the focal point of a spicy exchange with Kevin. We don’t think he’s getting a job with Galois Capital now.

We are all going to be poor again soon. So wagecucking doesn't sound so bad.

To NFTs! The intersection of the JPEG and music community are annoyed with Cobie. Why? Well, he doesn’t like the idea of NFTs infiltrating the music industry.

He really doesn’t like JPEGs.

We will just leave this here.

6529 also had some thoughts on Sudoswap, the decentralized NFT marketplace. Dall-E already has this covered bro.

In other NFT news, one CT member was pissed that his ape was being held hostage. The guy who lost it reported it as suspicious and now wants OpenSea to issue a refund and give him his ape back. These NFT people are something else.

It's not looking good for those apes!

Speaking of capitulation, here’s Ryan.

We round this one off with a Gainzy post to lighten the mood. HISS.

That's all for this week. Follow Andreas on Twitter and stay up to date with us @Shitcoindotcom too. See you next week!


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