2021 - A WAGMI Year In Review

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Hey Shitcoiners,

2021 had it all. All-time highs, incredible dumps, institutional money, NFTs and everything in between. In this special round-up we check out some of the best, the worst and the controversial bits of 2021. Strap in and read below or catch the video version if that's your thing.

“Ape szn” was in full swing.

Sentiment among the crypto faithful was exceptional. It was also girlfriends get girlfriends szn.

We aren’t quite sure if Cobie got the tattoo or not but this tweet kind of summed up the GMI vibes.

By the end of January our portfolios were starting to look pretty sexy but then the unthinkable happened. Elon joined the party.

Remember when everytime Elon talked about Doge it gained double digit percentages? Yes, that happened.

He even adopted the ideas of OG bitcoiners while he was at it.

Michael Saylor began the Microstrategy buying in August 2020. This next tweet isn’t quite from 2021 but his Christmas shilling from last year paid off as by February, Elon had pulled the trigger on BTC at Tesla.

February was all about politicians getting in on the action. Here are a couple for you.

February saw a flash crash of epic proportions with Ethereum on Kraken dropping from ~$1700 to $700 momentarily. This was rough.

This was the first time in 2021 where we scrambled for the application form.

March saw NFT mania take hold further. Beeple’s “Everydays” sold for an insane price.

Here is one of our favourites from the collection.

Rare Punks also began to fly.

The bulls were back and Visa announced some plans for a Bitcoin payment integration.

Saylor, the eternal bull kept on buying.

As we entered April, Peter Schiff tried his hand at an April Fools’ joke. The fact he had to explain himself kind of tells us how unfunny it was.

Coinbase decided to ride the bullrun and go public. $COIN became a thing.

Dogecoin started blowing up once again.

Vitalik dumped his SHIB and other dog tokens before they had a chance to pump.

This spelled the end of the first big pump of the year. As prices crashed crypto Twitter scrambled for refunds. 

Much of this dump was contributed to Elon shitting all over Bitcoin as he stated mining used a bunch of fossil fuels. The memes flooded in.

And the applications were on the table once again.

However, in June, the nation states started joining the party. El Salvador announced that they would be making Bitcoin legal tender in the Central American country.

They would also be doing some volcano mining!

Over in the US however, progress was not so swift.

Spencer Schiff couldn’t help himself.

Neither could Michael Saylor.

As June continued we had some tragic news concerning a true legend of the space. John McAfee RIP.

China couldn’t let the US have all of the fun. In typical fashion they decided to ban Bitcoin mining once again which left Bitmain in a state of transition.

EIP-1559 was making waves in August. Ethereum users saw the proposal as a significant step in the right direction. Would it make transactions cheaper? Nah.

The NFT hype continued. Enthusiasts started buying rocks.

The 7th September 2021 was a big day. Bitcoin finally became legal tender in El Salvador!

They began buying the dips, much to Peter’s dismay.

Remember the beautiful Kia Sedona? They came back. This time in NFT form.

Many speculators saw the Evergrande liquidity crisis which saw markets tumble. Many predicted crypto would go the same way. Virtual real estate wasn’t even safe.

Bitcoin rallied to a new all time high of over $66,000 and Size Chad celebrated.

This was also the same time the ape arrived on Wall Street.

El Presidente celebrated his stroke of genius.

SHIB took over temporarily which took many by surprise, passing DOGE in market cap.

This was shortly followed by a fresh all time high as Bitcoin climbed to almost $68,000. Scams and rugpulls were rife though. A project called $SQUID had many talking. It didn’t turn out so well for the degenerates who bought.

We all started to look like this next guy.

We gained some fresh insight into Nayib’s strategy. Buy the dip always. How? From your phone obviously.

The market began to look pretty shitty in December. We were ready for 2022. Here’s South Park to make you feel like an idiot for buying JPEGs.

We really hope your 2021 was a good year. Bring in 2022!

Team Shitcoin.com

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