Newsletter #201 - The Bulls Are Back In Town

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Yo Shitcoiners,

Another green week is upon us. At any moment, we could be back in Goblin Town but at HQ we are eternal bulls. You can't shake us out. Bears are fucked with McDonald’s skills like this.

Exchanges were a big focus this week. There was plenty of shenanigans to get stuck into. Coinbase led the way with a former employee and two of his associates being charged with insider trading.

Cobie was the real hero all along.

Does this next imagery make you want to get a job at Coinbase? Their training looks next level!

They also released the first video of a promotional series which has been divisive. You either love it or hate it. We get a strong feeling that this was meant for the bull run and whoever they contracted to do it took too long.

Coinbase stock may or may not have reacted to the video. Jim Cramer has evidently been following the price closely. However, he is fickle. Here he is with a drastic change of tune.

If you are falling out of love with Brian and co. like Jim then remember, there is a way to delete Coinbase and remove it from your life.

Cathie did an amazing trade on $COIN… oh wait.

Coinbase were included in a list of exchanges in Forbes this week. Will the big boys continue to list securities? Or will they go head-to-head with the SEC?

Kraken were also thrust under the regulatory spotlight for supposedly violating US sanctions. Rough.

Now we aren’t saying that FTX is the exchange to end all exchanges, but the fact that SBF is buying out the majority of the industry does tell you they are doing something right.

News surfaced this week that Tesla had sold their BTC. Turns out Elon’s diamond hands are no longer in the room.

Udi here with some strong thoughts on how bitcoiners “gave up” when trying to push Bitcoin as the currency of the digital economy.

Udi briefly mentioned Solana in that clip. Word on the street is Aptos is here to steal Solana’s lunch. After raising $150M in a round led by FTX Ventures, will this be Solana without the downtime? A man can dream.

It could be Solana all over again, literally.

We aren't sure how this even happens, but $700K to liquidate $270M to your wallet looks like a deal to us!

Whatever the next Ethereum killer is, they are going to have to do some work to beat the Vitalik's look.

Vitalik is revered amongst the Ethereum community. One CT member here with the spice. Never forget, Vitalik dumped at the top.

There has been plenty of talk about what happens after the merge. Will we get some forked coins?

It’s now time for everyone to foresee how any attempts to fork will trigger an ecosystem collapse.

Bitcoin maximalists are usually very staunch in their viewpoints. We didn’t know Charlie Shrem had shitcoiner aspirations!  

We are unsure if Crypto Cash Calendar is peak performance, but this definitely is.

As is this from Justin Sun.

Justin is a fan of DAOs. Are you ready for a wild read? Here’s the spicy story of Spice DAO.

A newsletter without some 3AC memes just doesn't feel right at the moment. Here you go.

Zhu never wanted to be seen as being extravagant. The mansions are coming out of the woodwork now though.

As are the stakes in offshore funds.

Kwon is in a similar spot in terms of community sentiment. He has been immortalized in an NFT!

And in Algod’s wall art.

We round this one off with a quick tweet from Greg. Cheaper gas means more dollars to buy crypto. Winning.

That's all for this week. Follow Andreas on Twitter and stay up to date with us @Shitcoindotcom too. See you next week!


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