Newsletter #193 - Dressed For A Bear Market

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Yo Shitcoiners,

Welcome back to another week of the bear market. You should consider yourself a true believer if you haven’t ragequit yet. Congratulations! Anyway, let’s jump in. Arthur Hayes dropped another epic read on us. You can never complain you don’t have access to alpha. This is full of it.

Zhu also shared his thoughts on the state of the Supercycle thesis. You might be rekt but at least you’re going to change the world… okay.

NasDaily bought in during the earlier part of 2022. He’s now down bad too. One of us, one of us!

Also down bad is CZ who accidentally shared his soft spot for anime porn. RIP.

LUNA holders eagerly awaited the launch of LUNA 2.0. Following the introduction to the market, it went up but then quickly went back down.

This is your reality now.

It turns out Do has possibly been a naughty boy in the past. We can’t for certain say this is true but if it is, these are some serious shenanigans.

If you decide to trade the train-wreck you should sign up with Bitlord’s link. Showing your support with degeneracy is the Bitlord way.

Emin isn’t bullish on whatever’s next.

To Optimism, they finally dropped their token. Did you get yours? The community is trying to disqualify those that sold from future drops. Cobie contributed to the discussion with some gold.

Oh Solana, why do you keep going down?

The price is closely following network stability. It’s down a lot.

Here’s an unlikely but funny comparison.

NFT investors have gone a little quiet lately. It might be good for them to take a break from the internet.

You might remember the fiasco surrounding Nate Chastain, the OpenSea exec who was accused of insider trading. Well, Nate was charged.

This is quite a unique situation. The on-chain sleuths basically closed this case before it was opened.

Taylor, who posted that last thread is an advocate of women building web3. Here’s a guy in an odd fitting t-shirt.

Speaking of apparel, Bitlord has acquired a Kandura and is cooler than you.

As is Emin with his amazing hat at graduation.

This market is rough but don’t worry, the WeWork guy is selling “Goddess Nature Token”. He’s raised $70m. There’s still stupid money around. We are all going to make it.

That's all for this week. Follow Andreas on Twitter and stay up to date with us @Shitcoindotcom too. See you next week!


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