Newsletter #192 - From Lambos To Pizza Delivery

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Yo Shitcoiners,

It’s been another rough week but don’t worry, we are here to brighten up your day. Or you may also come out of this with a renewed disgust towards your horrible investment decisions.

Let’s start with some good stuff. May 22nd should be a public holiday at this point. The infamous date when Lazlo traded 10,000 BTC for a pizza is always a good day for Bitcoiners, regardless of how the market looks.

CZ got in on the action with a pizza that looks pretty undercooked and has handfuls of pineapple in the middle. Pineapple on your pizza bro? We feel so offended.

Some were quick to point out how quickly times can change.

We are well and truly in goblin town. One thing we didn’t expect this week was a Twitter space full of goblins. Crypto never ceases to surprise us.

This might be the bottom. Do goblins create wagmi times?

It’s not looking good out there.

Those who entered in 2017 have now seen two bull cycles. Evidently most do not learn from their mistakes.

While Gainzy was gaslighting us, Sam was keen to massage our egos. This is how you do customer retention.

As much as Sam says we know more than politicians, many of us are still doing the following everyday. NGMI.

For some, this market is so bad they have resorted to ratio competitions. We cannot confirm if this is real or fake.

Kyle from Three Arrows Capital shared some alpha on VC investment in crypto. Are you right of the bell curve enough to understand that BTC is a vacuum anon?

Imagine being a female VC? You could be getting a 2-for-1 deal. Girls dating crypto guys are getting the best deal right now.

It just really sucks for them that they’ll have the endure conversations like this for years to come.

Many thought they would make it by getting paid to exercise. They were wrong. STEPN is tanking. Davis here to tell you what an idiot you are.

LUNA is still a part of the news cycle, it will not go away. We collected some of our favourite memes from the downfall, enjoy!

Any plans to revive it face a $30 billion stumbling block.

FatMan has been releasing the inside scoop on what’s going on in the Terra ecosystem. There seems to have been quite a lot of shenanigans. Here’s one example.

There have been many casualties of the LUNA downfall. Raoul Pal has been trying to distance himself from the project he once shilled. He’s getting REKT.

He’s even getting features in the Financial Times!

It’s not going so great for his Ethereum calls either.

Speaking of memes, we reported that Seth Green fell for a phishing scam last week. Well, we now understand why he is being so vocal about getting it back. It turns out he was building a whole show around his ape…

He’s threatening with a lawsuit that many in the community are against. Mo had another idea.

Speaking of legal proceedings, Arthur has been sentenced in what many consider a pretty decent outcome.

The now infamous CSW vs McCormack case has gone to court. Here’s one member of CT who was reporting on what went down.

You might have heard that Martin Shkreli is out of prison. He wasted no time in joining crypto Twitter with a new account, @Enrique5060782. He’s now banned though. Before he received the banhammer he was speaking for several hours on a Twitter Space. It was several hours long and the space is now unavailable, we did however find a link to a couple of hours of it for your entertainment.

If you don’t have hours to spare, here were some of the standout moments.

We have a new leader now.

We round this one off with some well wishes for a member of the community. We are sorry for your loss Ledger.

That's all for this week. Follow Andreas on Twitter and stay up to date with us @Shitcoindotcom too. See you next week!


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