Newsletter #191 - Terra Aftermath & Memes

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Hey Shitcoiners,

Welcome to this week’s edition of the weekly round-up! We have sprinkled plenty of memes in this one to help you get through the shitshow that is this market. Let’s get to it.

Are we all gonna make it? Some of us likely won’t.

LUNA holders look like they fall into the NGMI camp. After the dramatic events of the last week some investors in Korea are filing a lawsuit.

It’s not looking great for Terra as an entity. The taxman is coming!

It’s going from bad to worse. The legal team are leaving. Who will fight for Do and co in court now?

Many were REKT and speculation was rife that Mike and Galaxy did not get out unscathed. Here’s his latest tweet, along with a questionable link, where he reviews what went down.

We should probably be a little easier on Mike. After all, he’s going to have to stare at that tattoo for the rest of his life.

Actually screw being easy on him. The tattoo was fixed.

Y Combinator company, Stablegains is getting well and truly ruined. The startup that took a 4% cut of your UST rewards has changed their legal terms. Yikes.

Does this next guy deserve the dunking he received after call his wife “a great baby maker”? We get strong “left of the bell curve” vibes from this one.

Picture this. You are a LUNA/UST investor. You have just lost 99% of your net worth. You decide to cheer yourself up by heading to a baseball game you can’t really afford. But there it is. The logo.

The writing really was on the wall wasn’t it?

They do have a plan. Do you think it will work? Let us know on Telegram!

It feels well and truly like a bear market now. Up only is a thing of the past. Bankruptcies are back on the agenda!

Nayib thinks he’s buying the dip. He’s down quite a bit on that buy. This is a bear market sir. Welcome.

NFT bros are still being rinsed of their JPEGs due to phishing scams. American actor Seth Green posted about his loss. He was also entitled enough to tell whoever scooped them to “hit him up so we can fix it”.

They’re probably worthless now anyway.

We will just leave this here.

IOTA is still about to have a massive breakthrough! Andreas actually wrote all about IOTA a few years back. Give it a read. We cannot contain our excitement regarding the future of the tangle. We are beyond excited.

If this market is getting you down, remember that you can become a move-to-earner. Chads only.

Or a sex-to-earner. There are a whole host of opportunities out there if you just know where to look.

Ledger has opted for the move-to-lose-weight normie route. Cobie doesn’t think it’s working.

Did you move to Portugal under the promise of 0% tax on your crypto? It might be time to get back on a plane.

We love a good hit piece at HQ. If you have ever wondered what goes on at a cryptocurrency exchange, look no further. Liquid, which was recently acquired by FTX, sounds like a train-wreck.

On-chain governance is touted as the total opposite of a centralized exchange. Everyone supposedly has a say. Well, it turns out that’s incorrect.

If your portfolio is in the gutter the last thing you want is the world’s most hated budget airline making jokes at your expense. Ryanair here with the spice.

In our penultimate post here’s another one from Eric Wall.

And to round it all off, a message from a crypto legend who is no longer with us.

That's all for this week. Follow Andreas on Twitter and stay up to date with us @Shitcoindotcom too. See you next week!


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