Newsletter #188 - The Bahamian Wrestling Championship

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Yo Shitcoiners,

With the crab market in full swing it’s easy to feel a little disillusioned with crypto at the moment. Here’s the pep talk you need.

Plenty of those who have already made it were in The Bahamas this week for the Crypto Bahamas conference, including SBF and Tom Brady.

If you’re curious what he was busy with…

Larry, one of the  tallest men in crypto was in attendance as was Matthew Graham.

The head honcho at Sino Global Capital delivers premium grade content on the regular. Have you seen this beast wrestle?

After seeing that display the challenges came in. Zane is ready.

We won’t bet against him either.

We hear Brett is even more of a beast.

Matthew is the gift that keeps on giving. Here you go.

To Bitcoin! The WEF is looking to change the code. NGMI.

Greenpeace have been touting the Mora et al. paper. It turns out that the BS they have been circulating is two pages long and was written by an undergraduate class.

New York have been anti-Bitcoin for a while, we all know about BitLicense. Now they are going after Bitcoin mining too.

Optimism did a thing! They have launched their governance mechanism and with that, announced an airdrop to early Optimism users. Check out if you are eligible.

Who said devs can’t have fun? Here’s what a Developer DAO meetup looks like.

We imagine there are a few people in that community with Bored Apes. Are they actually worth the insane price tag? Stavros with the spice.

When he’s not sharing his Uber Eats orders, Gainzy is giving us lessons in financial literacy. A margin call means he’s about to make a lot of money right?

Gainzy would never simp. Scooter did though. We love the honesty.

Doesn’t Scooter’s situation remind you a lot of IreneDAO?

Scammers are everywhere and Google can’t keep up. One group managed to set up some Google ads and ran off with $4.3 million.

At least while those funds are out there they are still retrievable. The same can’t be said for the $34 million worth of ETH locked in this next contract.

To Russia and Ukraine next. Before shit hit the fan for Russia, they were quietly building ties with Binance.

Which is quite the opposite of what Ukraine are doing now. We aren’t sure how to take this.

Mexico however are slowly getting onboard. Senators can now exchange BTC in the Senate building.

There are arguments for and against Bitcoin ATMs and the operational security they provide. When stories like this next one happen in Sweden, we wonder how many senators will be picking up bags. We hope they have security.

We round this one off with a thread from Eileen who is arguably the most prolific writer on the Silk Road and other dark web markets. This article from ten years ago is worth a read.

That's all for this week. Follow Andreas on Twitter and stay up to date with us @Shitcoindotcom too. See you next week!


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