Newsletter #187 - Binance, what did you do?

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There’s only one logical way to start your day and that’s how this next CT genius does it.

Binance did not have a great week. They paid Twitter for a branded hashtag but the world was quick to point out that they turned the logo into a swastika. Oh, we also forgot to mention it went live on Hitler’s birthday.

The spice flowed.

Binance put out an announcement but however casual you try and make your “we messed up” tweet, it’s hard to come back from this one.

FTX responded.

Speaking of FTX, Sam can have any man he wants.

This is what peak performance looks like.

It can also look like this.

Coinbase launched their NFT platform and added a comments section. Is this going to be their greatest marketing tool?

Moonbirds took over for a while this week. The latest craze in NFTs has been flying (sorry) in price. The floor keeps rising and Twitter is divided between those who got one and those who are pissed they didn’t mint.

Missing a project mint is not the end of the world. Losing your whole NFT portfolio to a fake Apple number could be though.

If that guy had any ApeCoin, he probably lost all of that too. Here’s a fun read from Cobie.

You might have seen SafeMoon getting a bad wrap. Well, it looks like it’s warranted. Here’s an insightful look at how fast and loose they have been.

While we are discussing the dark underbelly of crypto, Beanstalk lost 24,830 ETH (~$78mm). This isn’t a great look.

Do we have a modern day Robin Hood on our hands?

To the Ethereum foundation next. They have publicly disclosed their treasury holdings. As you would guess, they are pretty heavy in ETH.

We just thought we’d throw this in. What is going on?

That man in the ball pit is living the same luxurious life as Andre Cronje. He wrote an article this week where he called for regulation. This conveniently came after he made over a billion dollars.

Speaking of billionaires, Justin Sun is ready to offer you a stable yield you can’t refuse.

Yesterday marked 4/20 and the baklava guy got high.

Like many of us, he can now be considered a right-wing extremist.

Who here knows what a blood diamond weekly is? It sure sounds exciting!

It’s funny how many who threw shade on Bitcoin are going full circle. Mr. Wonderful has dramatically changed his tune in a couple of years.

We round this one off with a couple of amazing memes. First, here’s Brad.

And finally, Craig is about to release some groundbreaking stuff.

That's all for this week. Follow Andreas on Twitter and stay up to date with us @Shitcoindotcom too. See you next week!


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