Newsletter #186 - We Are All Psychopaths

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Hey Shitcoiners,

We dive right in this week with a hit piece from the New York Post. While there are definitely plenty among us, are we all psychopaths?

Some nocoiners call Saylor a psychopath. We beg to differ. He has been shilling, this time talking about moving $1 billion through space with Bitcoin.

Hey Michael, whatever you’re smoking, we will take a hit.

In other news that may indirectly affect the world of crypto as we know it, Elon is trying to take Twitter private with a $43 billion offer.

Now with Twitter being a second home to many degenerates, this is important. What would Twitter look like if it went all decentralized and crypto-friendly? SBF shared his thoughts.

Coinbase listings no longer have the impact they once did. However, insiders are still making a killing as Cobie showed a couple of days back. Spicy.

There are a couple of extra tidbits we have to share from the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami. It seems one CT participant rode that bull for the longest time but didn’t get his 1 BTC as promised. Rugged?

On the topic of bulls we did wonder why the bull out front didn’t have any cojones. One attendee fixed that.

Also in Miami, the Solana Hacker House appeared to have a security threat and was ordered to evacuate. Did some Solana hater do this? It seems a little over the top.

We take a break from our regular programming for a shoutout to our sponsors, Check out that APY!

Do you remember when someone bought Jack Dorsey’s first ever tweet as an NFT? Well, the buyer is out of prison now and wants bagholders of his failed project to send him TRX.

It turns out he was also looking to flip the NFT. It didn’t go well.

To rugs and hacks next. We have no idea what Elephant Money is but it just got rekt. RIP.

Also RIP to the Ether exploited in the recent attack on Ronin. You have just been tornado’d.

In an interesting turn of events it appears the hack was orchestrated by Lazarus Group, the infamous gang based in North Korea.

This week has been a rollercoaster. Here’s some unfortunate news for the wider crypto community as Virgil Griffith was sentenced to 5+ years for speaking at a conference in North Korea. A sad outcome.

Back to your bags. Are they hurting this week? Ours are. We thought this thing was up only?

If you are worrying about how you are GMI then learn from those who have bet big before you. Degeneracy is the only way.

That's all for this week. Follow Andreas on Twitter and stay up to date with us @Shitcoindotcom too. See you next week!


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