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Hey Shitcoiners,

How many of you are in Miami? In this week’s roundup we have all of the big news that emerged at Bitcoin 2022 plus the usual memes and shitcoinery. We aim to please.

We start with our Miami segment. We knew a lot of work was going into this one.

Many from crypto Twitter began the journey to the sunshine state. Some of those stuck in economy didn’t have the best experience on the flight over.

The conference started strong. favourite Marshall Long took part in a panel on the Mining Stage. We kicked off with a candidate for best introduction of the whole conference.

On day two the general public rolled in. Samson took to the stage with news of what he’s been up to since leaving Blockstream. His new company, JAN3 is focused on Bitcoin adoption on a global level. In a month he’s already making good progress with movement in Honduras, Madeira and Mexico.

There was a lot of speculation about what Strike were going to announce. Mallers dropped some news. Did anyone else get Steve Jobs vibes from this?

Blockstream had an announcement of their own too. In partnership with Block they are building a bitcoin mining facility powered by Tesla solar and energy. Spicy!

Bitcoin conferences can be divisive but it’s possible to put your risk appetite to one side and still be friends.

This guy however, well, he didn’t have many friends.

Do Kwon has been the talk of the citadel lately. Should he have been speaking at the conference?

Galois Capital have been critical of the Luna shenanigans. The battle has begun.

Here’s some high IQ shit for you.

Anyway back to the topic of conferences, what does the number of speakers tell you about the quality of a large crypto event?

NFT scams are rife. Celebrities are not immune. Here’s one Asian music artist who did some unfortunate clicking.

Those DAI offers on OpenSea will definitely catch a few out. This is survival of the fittest.

Some say NFTs are dying off but the public are still hungry, let this next tweet sink in.

Here’s a new entry in the New York Times Best Seller List!

One former SEC worker thinks everything is a scam including your JPEGs. This is a depressing read.

Mike Tyson has been a long time crypto admirer and he’s after an audience with CZ. Does this tweet sound like he wants to fight the Binance CEO to you?

CZ is in but he is also a little worried.

Arthur is dropping knowledge bombs on the regular lately. He’s bullish on ETH.

We just need Vitalik to turn into a degenerate alcoholic to fulfil Arthur’s prophecy.

While we’re looking at Cobie’s tweets, here’s a stablecoin built on Waves having an undesirably wavy time.

Our understanding of this next tweet is that Waves are trying to prop up the price of their token at the expense of borrowers… yikes.

Devs, you don’t have to get super complicated to save your project, here’s a quick fix for you!

The Tweet DAO has been a runaway success. The DAO-controlled Twitter account has been coming up with the goods all week. Here are a couple of our favourites so far.

If you’re unsure what to do in this market, following Bitlord is a good strategy 50% of the time. Are you buying anon?

Smol peepo is, check out the roadmap. This looks like it’s a guaranteed way to success.

The big brains keep telling you buy BTC and ETH. Then there are those shilling you Cardano. CaRdAnO iS ThE fUtUrE.

Scrap that, inflation is the future. It’s also affecting mint prices!

To round this one off we leave you with an article from Andreas. Ella, we miss you.

That's all for this week. Follow Andreas on Twitter and stay up to date with us @Shitcoindotcom too. See you next week!


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