Newsletter #184 - Bitcoin Bad or Bitcoin Good?

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Yo Shitcoiners,

Before we get started we have some content to plug. Check out the latest episode of Crypto 101 on Shitcoin TV!

We kick off with the important stuff. Divisive YouTuber BitBoy is now doing Bloomberg appearances. We never had him down as the go-to person for a stablecoin implication discussion though.

Greenpeace are trying to shit on our parade. Strap in, we are doing the “Bitcoin is an environmental disaster!” thing all over again.

They want the leaders of tech to make a stand. They need to realise that they just have to speak to Cobie to get things done around here.

Is the co-founder of Ripple the person you’d like leading Bitcoin’s development? RIP.

Greenpeace put out a video. Here’s a factual fix. It’s a great watch.

Saylor, he doesn’t care. He just learned about leverage!

On the topic of Bitcoin, you aren’t getting your MtGox coins back just yet but here’s an NFT. Mark was on hand to deliver the good news.

To Ethereum… or horses. Getting a steed is starting to look like an attractive investment strategy.

What is a newsletter without a hack? Ronin got rekt with over $600m drained from their bridge. Now that’s a big oopsie.

It took six days for anyone to notice, which is not a great sign. The hacker was trying to short it but it just kept going up. This industry is quite the trip.

We interrupt this newsletter for a must watch. Director of Autistic Communications, Bryan Micon was playing against Phil Hellmuth at the 2022 US Poker Open!

Luna has been making headlines lately. Do Kwon is planning to make the Luna Foundation the second largest holder of BTC after Satoshi. We don’t know how we feel about the failure of UST being the equivalent of the failure of crypto itself. It sounds like he’s trying to take us down with his ship…

Nevertheless, he’s on a mission to get us out of goblin town. We guess that makes it okay?

Analyst Eric had some thoughts. Are they making a mistake?

Do questioned his credentials, welp.

Anyway, remember that LUNA bet? If Kwon wins, the $22m is evidently pocket change to him. We are excited for the flex.

To art. Cryptograffiti did a thing. What a masterpiece!

This also art in the purest form. How about you read the room anon?

Does speaking to your accountant about your holdings fill you with dread? It’s okay, we’ll all get rekt together.

We round this one off with insight into the industry. Guat thinks that there are no users out there. Well, we hate to break it to you gaut but there are plenty of degenerates farming yield, collecting airdrops and wasting huge amounts of ETH on gas. Wait, maybe he’s right.

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