Newsletter #183 - 100 words per minute for a Tesla!

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Yo Shitcoiners,

Before we begin remember you can catch the action on YouTube!

Once again, another boring week in the crypto markets but do not fear, we have memes and shitposting galore to get you through it. The spice really did flow. The big boys are flexing again, here’s the front page of the Goldman Sachs’ website.

Zhu correctly pointed out that these suits might try to change the terminology. NGMI.

Sam, a man who notoriously does not wear suits (unless he’s in Congress) took some time to correlate his typing speed with his daily productivity.

Greg hit Sam with a proposition he couldn’t refuse.

The events that unfolded next will go down in CT folklore. Initially, Greg narrowly missed the 100 words per minute target.

The FTX office went to a vote. It wasn’t the result Greg was hoping for. Sorry, Greg.

But Greg is no punk. He does not give up in the face of adversity.

SBF owes Greg a Tesla. Well played sir. He did not wish Greg GM though. How rude!

Speaking of the big dogs of crypto, Vitalik made the cover of TIME.

Vitalik knows how meme-worthy he is. These peasants are just jealous. Greg was back in action again following up with the haters on Vitalik’s behalf. He doesn’t like this one bit.

Also from Ethereum-land, Joe Lubin has been teasing a MetaMask airdrop for quite some time. Is this confirmation it’s coming?

It wasn’t all roses for the Ethereum community. Tornado Cash was misrepresented in a Bloomberg article. Talk about throwing someone under the bus!

Roman, one of the founders doesn’t want CT anon’s harassing the author. What a nice guy.

Once you put things on the internet it’s hard to take them back. “Robert Breedlove” might regret this one.

Tai Lopez might also regret this too. He got ratio’d by a frog.

Screw that fake influencer Tai Lopez, We have Bitlord. His hair looks quite blue from the looks of it. $50k when you are ready sir.

He is the gift that keeps on giving. Here he is calling out a “hot take-ooor”.

To hacks and scams next! Seasoned crypto veteran Arthur had his wallet compromised.

The culprit? A spear-phishing email. Don’t click everything you see on the internet friends!

Ruggers are equally as disliked in this space. One Avalanche degen play, Magia Finance disappeared after the dev pulled the plug. The rug happened but we can’t confirm if this post is legit or not. Regardless, it’s an amazing read.

It’s not all doom and bloom around here. The Citadel awaits. Will you get to the “living the dream” level anon?

Or you can just sleep and get paid instead. There’s something for everyone!

We wrap this up here with a bit of shilling, go FOMO into this amazing video where Andreas answers some questions about EVMs and L2s.

Follow Andreas on Twitter and stay up to date with us @Shitcoindotcom too. See you next week!


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