Newsletter #173 - Degens, Airdrops & NFTs

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Hey Shitcoiners,

Welcome to another wacky week in the world of crypto. If reading isn’t your jam check out the video version of the round-up. To kick this one off, LooksRare, a potential OpenSea competitor launched and airdropped tokens to OpenSea users. Twitter went nuts. Will they steal some market share with staking rewards, trading rewards and lower fees?

So far so good! Although many are calling out the wash trading that’s going down which explains a lot of the volume you see below.

Is wash trading a bad thing though? Here’s a thread.

Ever thought about buying a Rolex? Well watches are going virtual. We are unsure how we feel about this.

We wish people would stop minting NFTs. Do they not know they’re inadvertently causing cancer?

Onto another airdrop, they are coming thick and fast. You may have visited in the past to check out how much you wasted on ETH transactions. They have given you some tokens.

The launch was a bit bumpy. Despite the token being live the team opted to not add liquidity to Uniswap, causing a bot war. As always there were winners and losers. We hope you didn’t get rekt!

While we are all getting excited over tiny airdrops, Nayib is schooling a professor on geothermal power.

Kevin was doing some schooling of his own. Bitcoin Magazine got busted.

Raj up next with a new profile picture.

Don’t get the reference? Here you go. Peak insanity.

The Solana ecosystem has a new champion too. Mike Tyson.

Mike seems pretty happy these days, unlike you “crypto investors”.

We may joke about “investors” but these degens do have something going for them. They can do wild shit that a tradfi fund manager could not. An interesting thread here from Cobie.

If you get to the end of that thread you’ll find an Alameda reference (convenient segue). Here’s another example of crypto people being built different.

Are you ready to seize this generational opportunity anon? There is no such thing as a coincidence.

We end this one with some uplifting content. Our favourite rug dealer has sealed the deal.

Not gonna lie, this is not the January we are used to, tastes a bit different.

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