Newsletter #172 - It's starting to look like 2017

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Yo Shitcoiners,

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2022. Crikey, are we in for a good one. Before we get started do you fancy doing a little reminiscing of 2021? Check out all of our best bits from last year in our special review.

We started the year with a birthday. The Bitcoin Genesis Block had its 13th anniversary and Melania wanted some clout with the crypto kids.

It all came tumbling down though. We should have known her tweet signalled the end. Here is how you are all likely feeling right now.

Girlfriends are preparing to jump ship.

We may return to meetups where no one (and no girlfriends) show up.

Likely unrelated to the actual crash but an internet shutdown in Kazakhstan is doing some damage to the hash rate.

A far more likely reason for this dump is the unfortunate passing of the other Bog. RIP, Igor.

Bitcoin and general crypto volatility are just a part of life at this point. As are insane valuations of unlaunched “blockchain games”.

This is nothing new though.

What the fuck is web3 you ask? Cobie has the answers. Here’s his most recent essay which breaks it all down. A great read.

One other buzzword mentioned by Cobie was “metaverse”. Check out the following thread for some absolutely horrible uses of it (whatever it is) at CES.

When markets crash NFTs show their true colours as illiquid JPEGs. Bored Ape Yacht Club holders are famous for their lacklustre security practices. Many of them have fallen for scams as of late. Being “hacked” is now a rite of passage for those who own one. Here are the memes.

Not hacked but scammed, Pudgy Penguin holders were promised the world and ended up with a fishing pole.

Based Karbon with a new smash hit in the making.

OpenSea does not respond to your messages about being hacked. They do however love taking down projects due to DMCA violations.

Speaking of unauthorized…

Ozzy Osbourne up next with a pretty witty advertisement. We can’t tell if this video script was written by a group of degens or some corporate looking to sound young and hip.

Have you ever thought about re-inventing PDFs and movies on the blockchain? This is started to sound like 2017 all over again.

You may have terrible ideas but keep pushing on anon. You never know, one day you may be able to afford to live in a house like Brian Armstrong. We jest, you will never be able to afford this.

Meanwhile a non-crypto Y Combinator unicorn, Airbnb, is scoping out crypto payments. We can’t wait to spend some Doge on a treehouse!

Imagine building a $200m estate off the back of an XRP investment? Matthew Mellon was already rich but after allocating $2m to XRP in 2017 he did a 100x. He then passed away. The story that ensued is an interesting read.

When you have made it it’s important you have a golf club membership. LinksDAO promises a lot. We hope they come through. We want golf, hoverboards and on-demand margaritas.

If golf isn’t your thing, here’s an option for you.

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