Newsletter #170 - Lambo, Girlfriend or McDonald's

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Hey shitcoiners,

This recent downtrend has left crypto ripe for the taking for the South Park team. Grab your popcorn, this is your year in fifty seven seconds.

Speaking of guys in suits, they are supposedly coming for Cobie thanks to Bitboy.

Cobie turned what may turn out to be a hollow threat into a philanthropy event.

If you thought your existence couldn’t get any worse, imagine being on your death bed and not having an inheritance strategy in place? No lambos for your next of kin. NGMI.

Life is short my bros. We hope none of you talk about web 3.0 in a serious tone, what a lame phrase for normies. We do hope you have managed to secure girlfriend 1.0 though.

Some females just don’t have the capacity to appreciate a great, right clickable JPEG.

However, many do. You could have a DeFi bae.

Another way to get a girlfriend this week was to show them CoinMarketCap when the prices went haywire.

At least they have a sense of humour about it.

How are your yields going? Our sponsors from saw their staking APY hit 40.25%. Winning!

While we are all talking yields, NFTs and EVM-compatible blockchains… back in the 1400’s there was another type of bro.

Elizabeth Warren is not a bro.

Elon however, bro.

If Christmas gifts are on your mind we welcome you to this thread. The comments are gold.

Spending your crypto on presents may not be a bad thing. With all of the sketchy shit we are invested in we are probably going to lose it anyway, just like AscendEX did.

We wrap this one up with this from CSW. “Again Craig!”

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