Newsletter #169 - Those Shoes

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Yo Shitcoiners,

In Washington DC crypto executives gathered to help boomers work out what the hell is going on.

This is peak performance.

All of the attention was on Sam. Not just his hand positioning but most importantly, his shoes.

Speaking of Congress, Congressman Brad Sherman dropped some mad hints.

Bitlord, as always, was on stand by to profit.

Speaking of shilling, Hard Rock Nick is now a staple of any crypto marketing campaign. WHERE AM I? AND WHERE ARE YOU?

It wasn’t all congress and memes this week. We had the bear market of 4th December, 2021.

Twitter reacted.

Instead of focusing on the memes, many were buying up that sweet dip. It appears El Salvador are the new MicroStrategy.

They have plenty of goldcoin ready to convert when the time comes too.

Three Arrows aren’t short on cash either. Despite calling out Ethereum a couple of weeks ago they have bought a proposterous amount of ETH. Bears, beware, betting against crypto billionnaires is a tough gig.

Anyways, back to Nayib. He buys all of this Bitcoin straight from his phone. What an animal.

Ledger is shilling Zcash again (as is Barry). Everyone has been waiting for it to stop dumping for years now. Will it ever end?

The Kleiman v Wright trial has come to an end though. CSW was instructed to pay the Kleiman’s $100,000,000 USD. Will they ever see that money?

Craig seems happy with the outcome. We are very confused.

To NFTs. Hal Finney, who many believe was actually Satoshi called them way back in 1993.

Meanwhile Gary Vaynerchuk is taking CT to dark places.

We imagine this next piece of art will not be topping Gary’s shopping list.

We finish up one for all of you luxury watch aficianados. Don’t flex your timepieces at LIV.

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