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Hey Shitcoiners,

It’s that time of the week again. Here is your fix of the latest from the world of shitcoinery and beyond. First though let’s talk about the big daddy. El Salvador’s President, who successfully led a recent campaign to make Bitcoin legal tender is concerned about the Bank of England.

Lagarde is more concerned about Bitcoin though.

As is grandma Hillary.

Evidently they aren’t worried that their husband’s girlfriends will become their wives.

With this next piece of action it’s pretty apparent that a bear market is warranted.

In hindsight OMIC was a great buy. We could have all been this fine gentleman in 2021.

Or you could have bought Cardano and unfortunately named your kid after it. The mother of this child must have been on some serious drugs during the birth to agree to this.

A quick interjection here to remind you that the HINDSIGHT TWEETOOR you follow who always gets it right is frontrunning your thoughts.

Following recent weeks of controversy in BSC-land we can report that Binance are doing some good.

Binance Smart Chain has seen its fair share of hacks and rugs which conveniently segues to our “rugs and hacks” segment. MONO had a rough week. Rugged for $31m, their team naively think the hacker is going to give it back. NGMI.

Badger also had a tough week. That’s $10m down the pan!

Worried your funds might be next? Check out this useful thread on MetaMask hygiene. Stay clean folks.

Here’s a possible rug for you. One CT participant up next to warn you that a long list of VCs does not guarantee this is not a rug.

Was the SDOG “rug” for real or just a poor implementation of game theory?

To a feel-good story now. dYdX managed to avoid a hack thanks to the one whitehat.

What the hell is this shit? Do people actually buy these? Looks like you are about to get rugged if you bought one.

Enough trash NFTs. Here is something you should be paying attention to, a one of one.

Are Macys launching their own NFTs?

Next up more entertainment. Hot women rating NFT men. We particular enjoy how “blob” is listening in. Who is blob?

We imagine these girls aren’t cool enough for an egirl army hat. Feng Shui consultant and Matthew Graham… GMI.

We hate to say it, but Elon Musk, NGMI? Or already made it anyway?

We round this one off with a little shill. Follow us on Twitter for memes.

Follow Andreas on Twitter and stay up to date with us @Shitcoindotcom too. See you next week!


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