Newsletter #167 - Rekt Paper Hands

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Hey Shitcoiners,

Another eventful week in crypto-land. Your portfolio probably took a hit but panic selling is for the weak. We hope you can financially recover from this.

If you are in a state of desperation then you need to hear this. Some wise numbers here from Hard Rock Nick. We’re gonna make it.

Australian news think this guy is GMI because he made 5x. Is this horrible journalism or are mainstream audiences not ready to hear about 100x’s?

Anyway, to the real news. El Salvador are working with Blockstream on the issuance of a $1B USD tokenonized bond. Spicy!

El Presidente is quite a character. Drug not on the dark web are now valued in BTC too.

The IMF are not too happy about all of this. Did we expect anything less?

They should probably be having words with the US instead.

Are you curious about where this price action is taking us next? The moon likely has a better prediction that your favourite CT personalities.

Ethereum did not have a great week. Zhu Su is has disembarked the unicorn train due to the high barrier to entry. Is he wrong?

Some can still afford to use it though. If you have 396 ETH (~$1.7M USD) to spend on a Banksy original those fees aren’t troubling you.

BSC has long been viewed as an “ETH killer”. BSC validators are not happy with the shoddy management of the chain. Will they dump?

Probably nothing.

That hellish scenario is nothing compared to this next beauty from BSV.

We reported last week that Constitution DAO lost out in their bid attempt after raising $40m USD. Here is the guy who outbid you.

The community reacted in the only way they know how, memes.

Speaking of DAOs, it appears that Sushi have no intention of migrating to a decentralized governance model. Read on for the glorious infighting.

The “whistleblower” was “let go”. It sounds like AG didn’t really like working there anyway. RIP.

When the market is not in up only mode then it’s a great time to review all of your horrible decisions. Here’s a thread from Based Karbon.

You know you can just right-click and Save As right?

What we don’t get about this next tweet is how the guy hasn’t learnt the art of multitasking yet. He sounds very middle of the bell curve.

He probably owns a trading card just like this.

We round this one off with a heartwarming read from Bryce Weiner.

Oh, one final thing, there's no shame in continuing to accumulate...

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