Newsletter #166 - Bear Trap Week

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Yo Shitcoiners,

Writing these newsletters during bear markets was always fun. Crypto Twitter seems to come into its own when everyone is down horrendously. Are we about to enjoy that all over again? Or have we all learnt how to perfectly short the market?

Likely not. We aren’t that sophisticated. This is probably a more accurate representation of our skillset.

If you need cheering up, here you go.

One lucky degen did get it right though. Don’t miss the Luke Dashjr quote.

There is no shame in buying shitcoins. However, at HQ we are praying you don’t have to experience a -99% bag. Or maybe you should for the character building qualities.

Novogratz is down bad.

So are Bitconnect investors. However, the DoJ are dumping their bags and recouping whatever they can. We are guessing there’s no OTC market available on this one?

Nano doesn’t seem to ever go away. They have hired some new shills.

To El Salvador! A bunch of Bitcoiners have flown in and it appears that showing your Twitter profile can help you circumnavigate local entry requirements. What a time to be alive.

Speaking of countries, a DAO is set to buy the only privately owned copy of the US constitution.

The best part about this is that it looks like they may actually pull it off.

Here’s Lopp with a breakdown of a pretty lengthy attack on him. Wild shit.

To NFTs. Have you heard of Scoogis yet anon? The first Pepe NFTs on Solana have sold out but how did they come to be?

NFTs have infiltrated celebrity circles. We hope this isn't the top for our Scoogis sake.

This next tweet may tell you we are not at the top. It may also tell you that no one cares.

There was some other spicy NFT news this week. One collection launched called “Lil Baby Ape Club”. It mooned.

But then CT realised that it had some racist attributes and cancelled it.

Ultimately none of this matters because Craig is going to sue you and force you to take down your profile picture.


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