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You may have heard the news. One of our favourite Bitcoiners is back in action. Luke DashJr has been freed!

He will undoubtably hate this new wave of crypto participants.

If you are a venture copy-investoooooor, which part of the bell curve do you consider yourself on?

Cousin has been one of the standout successes of this run. At 21 he just bought his first Rolex. Well played sir.

Gainzy meanwhile has been around forever. To celebrate his doxxing him and his friends threw a party in Miami.

We can’t believe they would do this to SizeChad though. He looks like such a nice guy. What would his Mother say about this?

While crypto twitter celebrate their new found gains, plenty in the space are on track for generational wealth by 2030. Pump it Satsdart.

Barry was all over our feed this week. It didn’t disappoint. It was a big week.

We hope you got yourself a Barry on Opensea

Speaking of big. Here’s Saylor showing off his plans for the citadel.

As always the comments delivered.

However this run plays out we do expect plenty of casualties along the way. This next tweet may be quite prophetic.

Do you have any ENS domains? Be sure to check if you are eligible for the airdrop!

We can’t have “up only” without a few naysayers along the way. Here’s Dave.

If anyone can talk him around it’s Gladstein.


Now to rugs. It seems the ShiBank Finance team got a little too excited about $100k and accidentally rugged themselves.

In other spicy news one CT participant wanted to destroy a pool.

Wondering why he was annoyed? Here is a short explainer.

The island bois are still around but maybe not for much longer. Here’s one of them proving that he is a beta male.

It’s time for some new leaders. We would like to introduce you to Desert Buoy.

Novogratz here with a controversial take.

Oh, and here is Hard Rock Nick telling you to stop being a peasant taking screenshots of NFTs.

We sure hope this next chat doesn’t take off because we envision a lawsuit from J.P. Morgan. They’ll be so pissed they didn’t think of that catchy name!

Whatever happens guys and girls, remember, we are all going to make it.

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